Fighter’s Fight

If you have been paying attention the last couple months, you’ve heard that the fight of the century is finally happening. Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather square off this Saturday, August 26th in Las Vegas. You will have also heard that most of the sporting world has already written off this fight in the desert as an easy win for Mayweather, but don’t be surprised if McGregor shows up and ends the sport of boxing this Saturday.

Now let’s get this out of the way, this is not a fight to see who the better fighter is because if it was they would be in the octagon having a proper knock. Instead, this is a fight to see who is the better boxer, and the cards are heavily in Mayweather’s corner. Not only is Mayweather the superior boxer, but he also has the comfort of fighting with strictly boxing rules.

Unfortunately for McGregor, this means Mayweather can rely on fighting with 8-ounce boxing gloves, which give’s Mayweather a real upper hand. Floyd has always used his gloves as a big part of his defensive game. If they traded out boxing gloves for the 4-ounce UFC gloves, McGregor would be able to pick his spots with his deadly precision, most likely resulting in a knockout. But McGregor has to make do when he steps in the ring with arguably one of the greatest boxers to ever walk the earth.

Mayweather’s record speaks for itself, 49-0. The man has dominated the game since the 90’s. He’s a defensive mastermind the likes of which the world has never seen and may never see again. Contrary to popular belief, Mayweather is not always a runner. He goes toe-to-toe with any boxer because his ability to bob and weave is incredible. He makes what looks like a solid punch disappear like David Copperfield vanishing a quarter. That’s his strong suit, and because he’s a defensive boxer who embarrasses fighters with their inability to hit him, he comes off as a runner. But make no mistake about it; the man will stand in there with the best of them.

Now Mayweather is slightly older and hasn’t fought in two years, so it’ll be interesting to see if that has any impact on his speed and durability, but early training videos don’t show him missing a beat. The thing to look for will be his hands and whether he can land any meaningful punches to try and back McGregor off. Mayweather has had trouble in the past with his hands, and will probably need every ounce of padding in his gloves to get through this fight. We will, however, be able to count on Mayweather to be physically prepared to fight all 12 rounds. He is one of the hardest-working men in the fight game, and he will bring it this weekend.

Unfortunately for Mayweather, his work is cut out for him, because he will cross a man who has a work ethic to match, and brings an edge to his fight game that Mayweather has never seen before.

McGregor is a warrior, plain and simple, who has shown that he is one of the best combat fighter on the planet. McGregor’s abilities are off the chart, and he brings a lot of upside to this fight. To start, he is bigger, stronger and younger than Mayweather. He has a two-inch reach advantage and is much broader than Mayweather, which allows him to deliver powerful blows. He has a proven track record in the truest form of fighting, MMA. He has shown himself to be tough as nails and is the only fighter in the UFC’s history to hold two belts simultaneously. The man is a freak fighter and has unbelievable punching power.

He is most comfortable fighting in his southpaw stance, and his counter left is legendary. When he lands a punch, the look of trouble immediately comes across his opponent face as they realize how hard the man can hit. His precision striking skills make him even more dangerous. He can work angles like few others, which gives him the ability to track opponents down and land knockout strikes. In his fight versus Mayweather, McGregor will have to rely heavily on those skills if he wants a chance to land a punch that can send Mayweather hard to the canvas.

So this Saturday, we will get to witness what is shaping up to be the biggest fight ever. With one of the sport’s greatest performers looking to put the final stamp on his boxing career and a man from Ireland who has set himself up to be the biggest star this world has ever seen.

McGregor is the ultimate fighter, and when it comes down to it fighters fight. He will give himself the opportunity to land punches that will end this fight in a knockout, so fully expect this to be a fight worth tuning in for.