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The Most Important Hall Of Fame Vote In 2018

If you drive down I-77 in northeast Ohio, you will cruise by the town of Canton, home to the hallowed grounds of the NFL Hall of Fame. A building dedicated to the games’ greatest moments and players to have ever graced a football field. In recent years, the nomination process has become less about players and more about politics. The

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Time To Reevaluate Jameis Winston

Quarterback is the most difficult position in sports and only a few can cut it at the NFL level. All the greats from Tom Brady to Joe Montana had a select set of skills that propelled them to glory. They were the total package—arm talent, work ethic, high football IQs, and most importantly, exceptional leadership. Jameis Winston, the quarterback for

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A Crack in The Shield

In the summer swelter of September, a sudden chill runs down my back and an itchy feeling takes over at the realization that the greatest season of the year is upon me. Football Season has always and will always be my favorite time of year. I am happier, and a little fatter, from September to Super Bowl Sunday. Sadly, I

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