Jake Fromm: The Next Great Quarterback​

On New Year’s Day, football fans were treated to one of the greatest Rose Bowl games ever played. Georgia and Oklahoma put on a show that featured some of the best talent college football has to offer. Georgia showed-off its two-headed monster of a backfield that put up a staggering 326 yards of rushing on 25 carries and Oklahoma had their Heisman phenom, Baker Mayfield, grabbing everyone’s attention. Amongst all the pageantry and edge-of-your-seat plays, some may have missed football’s next rising star.

Jake Fromm is a name football fans should get used to hearing. The true freshman at Georgia University shows all the signs of being the next great quarterback.

Fromm went 20-29 for 210 passing yards and two touchdowns in the biggest game of his young career. He made play after play when called upon and proved that the lights were never too bright.

Some will say that with the best running back duo in college football lighting up the scoreboard, it’s easy to make plays. That’s true, but in Fromm’s case, his mental command of the game is what makes him great on the gridiron.

At nineteen years old, Fromm exhibits an elite ability to comprehend the game. He demonstrated that he could break down a defense to make quick and accurate decisions with the football in high school, a skill set he has carried with him to college.

Georgia has featured a run-heavy offense behind the insane running back duo of Nick Chubb and Sony Michael. As a result, Fromm had fewer passing attempts than other top-level quarterbacks, but when called on, he has been just as effective. Fromm has a passer rating of 166.4, a completion percentage of 63.7, and 23 touchdowns and only five interceptions on 259 attempts this season. His talent was on full display at the Granddaddy of bowl games.

Georgia found themselves down seven around the Oklahoma thirteen-yard line early in the first quarter. They called a play action pass, which Fromm executed perfectly. Receiver Javon Wims cut across the field towards the end zone. Fromm started to throw the ball but quickly realized his window of opportunity was tight. He caught a glimpse of his running back coming out of the backfield towards open grass ahead. He kept it simple, pulling down the ball and dumping it off to his running back for a touchdown. You could see the play unfolding in Fromm’s mind. This young man has a command of the game that defies his age, and it’s beautiful to watch it unfold on the field. Fromm was calm, cool and collected all night, qualities that paid off in Pasadena.

Down seven once again, Georgia found themselves in third and eight with forty-seven seconds left in the third. This was a crucial drive for Georgia, but the moment wasn’t too big for Fromm. He came to the line and quickly saw an opportunity to manipulate the defense and audibled to a run play to Sony Michaels. Michaels broke off a thirty-seven-yard touchdown run to tie the game. Fromm’s impressive football IQ will propel him to the next level.

The upcoming National Championship game will be Georgia’s biggest test to date. Alabama’s defense will not allow Georgia to have their way in the run game. Fromm will have to make plays, and he has the arm talent and mental approach to do it.

Stay tuned football fans, Fromm is going to be the games’ next great quarterback.