The Cuomo Smackdown​

One of my favorite things in the world is finding a clip of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo laying a smack down on some poor schmuck. This week’s victim was Republican House Representative from Florida Matt Gaetz.

Chris Cuomo is a thoroughbred debater and if you don’t come prepared, he will lay waste to you. That’s exactly what happened to Rep. Matt Gaetz when he strolled into the lion’s den with his nonsense. Chris Cuomo was ready to smack him back to reality. Here is the best part of the interview.

Now for those that are curious, we have since learned more about that “secret society” Rep. Gaetz was so concerned about. Turns out, Cuomo’s guess that it could be a joke that had been taken out of context was exactly correct. Go figure!

The exchange between the two FBI agents in question had to do with a purchase of  Russia-themed calenders that were given out to agents and analysts investigating Russia’s interference in the election. Ms. Page, the agent in question, made the dumb joke about the gag gifts to her boyfriend who was also on the case, and that is how the “secret society” was introduced.

This is just the latest expample of a Republican ignoring facts and taking something out of context to fit a false narrtive that the FBI is trying to undermind the president, while also taking a shot at Obama. I won’t be holding my breath for Rep. Matt Gaetz to issue an apology to the FBI. Thankfully we have Chris Cuomo to fight back against this type of propaganda.

Here is the full interview for your viewing pleasure: