The Champs Are Back

Super Bowl week is finally upon us, and I have to say it feels great. If you can’t get excited about the Super Bowl, then friend, you’re not living your best life.

This year, the kings of the north, the New England Patriots are once again reminding everyone who’s the boss. Now the rest of the country is embarking on the weeklong American tradition of bashing Boston Sports, but let’s be clear, they hate us because they ain’t us.

Not only is Boston a great city, but they have the best sports teams and the king of football, Tom Brady. When an opportunity comes a knocking, Tom answers. This forty-year-old wonder is carving up defenses like a young buck. He has thirty-seven touchdowns to only eight interceptions on the year and a passer rating north of a hundred. Last week, in the first real game of the Patriot’s season, because let’s be honest it was a foregone conclusion the Patriots where making it to the AFC Championship. Brady reminded us that if you come at the king, you better not miss.

The Jaguars strolled into Gillette Stadium unprepared to put it all on the line to win, which became apparent at the end of the first half. The Jags got the ball back with 55 seconds on the clock and two times outs. They decided not to try to score, which might have been their all-time worst decision.

Not only did mad scientists Matt Patricia and Bill Belichick make the second half adjustments needed to suffocate the Jag’s offense, Tom Brady and the Pat’s offense decided enough was enough and took the Jag’s defense to school without their biggest weapon, Gronk.

Also, if you get Tom Brady in a 3rd and 18 situation, it’s probably a good idea to not let him convert. It happened in last year’s Super Bowl and this year’s AFC Championship game, and it didn’t end well for the opposing teams.

That being said, I am jacked for this year’s Super Bowl. The Eagles offer an exciting matchup. They have bonafide players on defense to keep their team in the game and the explosive playmakers on offense needed to win.

The only way a team can expect to beat the Patriots is if they have a fast playmaking defense and an offense that, when called upon, can make a play. If they don’t, then come Sunday, the game is all but a wrap. The Patriots are a team that always ends up making the plays needed to win, and opponents have to match them play for play.

Brady continues to say that he has more in the tank, but no one knows how many more opportunities we are going to get to see the greatest quarterback ever sling the football. So, this week I recommended you sit back, relax and tune in on Sunday to watch greatness work his magic.

Now for your viewing and listening pleasure here is your reminder of this gem of a song because Brady is back where he belongs, the Super Bowl.