Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself Name Is… Joe


The stage was set last night for President Trump to submit to the American people his vision for the nation. He delivered a pretty conventional Republican message that talked tough on crime and immigration. It was a pretty good night for his supporters. I was less than impressed and will break down my take on the Trump’s State of the Union on this week’s Excuse My Politics podcast, so go subscribe.

The surprise ending was the job Rep. Joe Kennedy did with the nearly impossible task of responding to President Trump’s State of the Union; an opportunity many a rising star has squandered. Who can forget the Bobby Jindal debacle of 2009 and this beautiful moment from Senator Rubio during his time at bat for State of the Union response?


Let’s be real, no one remembers the State of the Union and they definitely don’t recall the response unless the speaker messes up. There is little political upside to delivering the opposing party’s response and plenty of downside to taking a dive on national TV. Rep. Joe Kennedy, from the great state of Massachusetts, rose to the occasion and made his mark as a future contender on the national stage.

His speech showed signs of JFK’s great oratory skills, and he commanded the room the way all politicians strive to do. This is not the first time Rep. Kennedy has shown signs of being a rising star. His rebuttal to Paul Ryan’s “Act of Mercy” comment around the GOP’s proposed healthcare bill last year made him an internet sensation.

Rep. Kennedy reintroduced himself to the Nation last night and Democrats everywhere should be excited at the prospect of a Camelot comeback.

Without further ado here is Rep. Kennedy’s response:



Joe, If you are reading this you may want to lay off the lip gloss my friend, but it was still a great speech.

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