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Backing The Bullies

Women’s shelters have served as a safe haven for victims of domestic abuse in this country for more than forty years and the Violence Against Women’s Act of 1994 solidified the nation’s commitment to improving the adjudication and community response to domestic violence. So how is it that we find ourselves in the twenty-first century with a White House and

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Beyond The Bumper Stickers

If you, like me, are sick to death of all the vitriol and divisiveness of the discourse around such topics as immigration and sexual harassment, you may find relief in turning your attention to a noncontroversial subject upon which all Americans agree.  I am speaking, of course, about abortion. January 22 marked the 45th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe

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The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is out of control. They are emboldened by an administration with no clear rules of engagement, that cares more about the perception of being tough on immigration than they do about the lives they are ruining. We saw a rise in deportations during the Obama Presidency. His administration was responsible for deporting more

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Nunes is That Dumb

Excuse My Politics Podcast

This Liberal is back in action bring Excuse My Politics to you on new days! Today’s episode I am discussing the release of the Nunes memo, introducing a new segment about FOX News, and talking about the Republican objective. Make sure you subscribe to stay up to date.   Here is the link as promised on the Nunes Memo:

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Tom Brady Is The Ultimate Hype Man

    Tom Brady is gearing up to take on the Eagles and has decided to make every Patriots fan want to run through a wall for this team.  It’s not enough for Brady to be the greatest quarterback of all-time and own records like most regular-season road wins, postseason touchdowns, postseason wins, postseason passing yards, Super Bowl MVPs, Super Bowl touchdown passes,

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