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Top Five NFL QB Draft Prospects​

NFL quarterback draft

We are one day away from the NFL draft, so what’s one more top five going to hurt? Here are my top five-quarterback prospects (they are not listed in the order I think they will get drafted). Josh Rosen- Day One Quarterback If you are looking for a quarterback that can step in day one and play at an NFL

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The Babys Going For The Knife

Excuse My Politics Podcast

Check out the latest episode of Excuse My Politics. I talk about Puerto Rico’s recent power outage, Mike Pence, and Amazon’s immoral behavior, plus the republicans failure to protect Mueller. It’s also Thursday so I have a motivational speech at the end to get you to the weekend. Make sure to subscribe and be the change. You can find Excuse My

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Lamar Jackson Is No Wide Receiver

Quarterback Lamar Jackson at NFL combine

Former Colt’s G.M. and ESPN Analyst, Bill Polian started one of the all-time dumbest sports takes. Should Lamar Jackson switch to wide receiver? The first go-round with this nonsensical opinion set the sports talk world on fire and generated so much push back that his decision to double down makes you wonder if Bill hit his head or is something

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Bye Felicia

Congressman Paul Ryan discussing retirement

In 1999, a 28-year-old man named Paul Ryan strolled into Washington D.C. as the newly elected representative of  Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district. After two decades of working tirelessly to strip poor people of the resources designed to help them pull themselves up by their bootstraps, so he could make the rich richer. He has decided to call it quits. House Speaker

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