The Pick Are In For Week 5 OF CFB

Last week was a tough one for the Trophy Kids. Some might say the worst week ever but that neither here nor there. They are back on the horse and ready for week five of college football. Here are their picks to get you through week five and make sure to check out the first episode of Trophy Kids Podcast.

Nate’s Picks: Last week was an absolute disaster for me. By far the worst weekend I have ever had but if this was easy everyone would do it. I’m coming back strong this week and here are my picks of the week.

Record: 3-5


Michigan at Northwestern (+14.5): Northwestern is coming into this game without their playmaker and leading rusher, Jeremy Larkin. That is not good because the Michigan defense seems to have finally put it together. That is bad news for Northwestern who I think will struggle to run the ball and really for that matter make big plays. The Michigan offense has gotten back to a balanced attack and it’s paying off. They are running the ball well and Shea Petterson finally looks comfortable playing within the Offense. This is my lock of the week.

Pick: Michaing -14.5, Go Blue!

Arkansas at Texas A&M (-22): I really like this pick. It was originally going to be my lock of the week but that Michigan line was just to go. Either way, this is a no-brainer for me. Arkansas has been absolute trash this year. They are a really bad football team. I mean for crying out loud they lost to North Texas by 27 (what a joke) and Auburn by 31. Texas A&M is no Auburn but is still a good football team. They played Clemson super tough and did about as well as your going to do against Alabama unless your name is Georgia or Clemson. After playing tough games early I expect A&M to come out ready to whoop up on someone.

Pick: Texas A&M -22

West Virginia Vs. Texas Tech (+4): This game is a tough call. Texas Tech is coming off a huge win against Oklahoma State. Their defense showed up big and shut down that offensive which is an impressive feat. The offense is a typical Texas Tech offense and can point up tons of points.

Now I normally don’t trust WVU in a tough game because I always expect the defense to fail. This year though I don’t think it will matter because the offense is so good. When in doubt go with the best player and that’s Will Grier. I think he has a HUGE game.

Pick: West Virginia -4

Over/ Under

West Virginia Vs. Texas Tech (75): Whenever I see an over this high I almost always go for the under but this isn’t your normal showdown. These are two high power offense with the explosive potential. So sometimes you have to risk it to get the biscuit.


Bonus: Now every so often you come across a hot team.  So hot in fact that you want to add a little bonus action on them. That team is Kentucky. They are scorching hot right. Benny Snell is embarrassing teams right now and I don’t think South Carolina is ready for him. The Wildcats have beaten the Gamecocks the last four times they have played. I think that counties Saturday.

Pick: Kentucky -2 

Tim’s Picks: Record on the year 3-5

Central Michigan Vs Michigan State (-29): Well it’s a good thing this is a long season. With every week we’re getting better so we’re looking to get one game better and go a nice healthy 3-1 this week. With all that being said we are going to start with my lock of the week. As much as I hate betting on a game with my team involved, I can’t pass up a team getting 29 points against Michigan State. I don’t know the stats on this but I feel like Mark Dantonio has never beaten a team by 29 in his entire life. The point spread is just too big not to bet against them. Mark Dantonio wins, but hardly ever covers.

Pick: CMU +29

Over/ Under
Georgia Tech vs Bowling Green (65.5): For my over/under I like the Georgia tech vs Bowling Green game. I’m coming back with some stats for this game. Georgia Tech is 7 – 1 on the over when they are 21 point favorites. I know it feels weird taking the over on a team that runs the triple option, but I’m trusting the stats here.
Pick: I’m taking the over at 65.5. 
Syracuse Vs. Clemson (-25): This next game is also taking the underdog because they are being given an unreal amount of points. That team is Syracuse. It’s a team Nate likes a lot and they have really grown on me.  They crushed a Florida State team who apparently isn’t any good, and they beat a bad UConn team by 30 points. But I really think they are a good football team and can lose by less than 25 points to Clemson. I’m not convinced Clemson that good and Syracuse is not bad.
Pick: Syracuse +25.
Ohio State Vs. Penn State (-4): My next pick is going to be the game of the week. OSU is 4 point favorites against penn state and I really don’t see them losing this game. Penn State struggled against Illinois last week and OSUs Dewayne Haskins looks like the real deal. I don’t care how hard it is to play in Happy Valley, Haskins is going to carry OSU to a W.
Pick: OSU +4
Nate teased it in the podcast, so here’s a little bonus pick. While more picks might not be a good things as Nate now has the ability to follow up an 0-4 performance with an 0-5 performance. So things could possibly get worse for him. Anyways for my bonus pick, I’m going to keep it pretty simple, bama +49. I don’t care who they’re playing. Hopefully, there’s some improvement this week but hey that’s why they call it gambling and not winning. May the odds be with you.


Let’s see how it plays.

P.s. If you came here for proper grammar and articulate writing, go read a book. This is Pick em season, and ain’t nobody got time for that. Hot Picks Only… but seriously come back next week for more.