The Degenerate Report: First Edition

Picking football games can be tough and that’s why you turn to the Degenerate Report. We have NFL games for you. We have a couple of College Games for you too. Because let’s face it, we all have a little degenerate in us. Every once in a while we let it out and that’s alright.

Here are your picks for the weekend.

Seattle vs Lions: Let’s get it started off right and I’ll introduce you to the horse that is lions picking. Yeah, laugh now until Patricia shut’s you up really quick. This brainchild of Bill Belichick is putting together a team in the NFC North that is about to make a run in the years to come. This team has bought in and believing in the system. The defense is put in a position to make a play or stop a play from being made on every play. The Offense has got its man in Kerryon Johnson and Frat Boy Stafford is sling it. Give me the Lions.

Pick: Lions -3

Washington Vs New York: Hey Vegas, is this a joke??? This has to be a joke. You have this at a 1 point spread. Child Please, give me the skins. The giants are a complete mess. Their football brains are broken. No way this team puts it together this week after what happened last week. This season is lost.  Skins roll here and that’s all I need to say.

Pick: Skins -1

Saints vs Vikings: You have my full and undivided attention NFL. This is the game of the week and for good reason. Last year’s meeting was explosive, to say the least. The Saints lost in week one to the Bucs but since then have been wrecking the league. This team is in contention for second best team in the NFC. The Vikings are no joke either. Yes, they have been up and down this year but Cousins is rolling and that defense is getting back to the monster they were last year. This is a tough one but a pick must be made.

Pick: Saints -1.5

Pats vs Bills: Bill’s mafia is in for a rough day. The offense is a no go and about to run into the Pat’s who have owned the bill for the past two decades. Let’s face it the Patriots are heading to the super bowl again if they stay healthy. This team is a classic Pats team and the Bills are a classic Bill’s team. So, you know what that means.

Pick: +14

Bonus Picks College Addition:

Iowa at Penn State (Over/Under 51.5): Iowa has been flying under the radar this year. This is a good football team going up a Penn State that has really failed to meet expectations this year. The Penn State defense is suspect at best but the offense is killing it and putting up an average of 42.6 points a game. The problem is they rely heavily on the run game and Iowa’s defense is suffocating. Iowa’s offense though is not too shabby themselves. I think they will crave up the Penn State Defense. I know the under hits big time when these two teams play but this year I think that over hit.

Pick: Over 51.5

Duke vs Pitt (+2.5): I have been watching Duke the last two years and like what I see. I know Pitt is a tough team and played Notre Dame close but they do that every year. Duke has been trending in the right direction as far as becoming competitive and this year they have been a good solid football team. I am a big eyeball test guy a Duke is passing the test.

Pick: Duke -2.4

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