November Has Arrived

November is finally here and with it comes one of the greatest days of the year, Election Day! A day that allows us to play a vital role in continuing the greatest social experiment ever, America.

Now America isn’t without its flaws. We as a nation are far from perfect, a fact that is unfortunately painfully obvious to too many American’s. But even in our darkest days, we as a nation have always strived for a better tomorrow. As Americans, we have a fighting spirit that is unrivaled. We don’t idly sit by when things get tough. We pick ourselves up and work to make it right.  We work day in and day out because progress is a slow grind but always worth it in the end.

For many of us, the last election cycle went as badly as it possibly could go. Republicans gained control of the entire Federal Government, allowing them to shape the direction of this country unchecked. This has resulted in a government that many, including myself, feel is going in the wrong direction.  That direction can change with your vote.

On Excuse My Politics I have talked about how voting can change a lot. Now on November 6th, we have our first opportunity to start rewriting the wrongs that have come in the wake of the 2016 election.

This election is about more than just political rivalries. It’s about becoming the kind of nation we want to be. It’s about whether or not we want a government that looks after the voters and not just big donors. It’s about creating a government that has your back if you get sick. It’s about shaping future immigration policy that doesn’t strip people of their dignity. It’s about all of that and so much more.

Voting Democrat this election isn’t going to solve all our issues. But it’s a start down the right path. Because if the voters give Democrats a seat at the table, change will start to happen.

It will show Republicans that the kind of politics they have engaged in has consequences. That the blatant race-based attacks are unacceptable. That ACA repeal with no viable alternative is unconscionable.

By voting to give back the house to Democrats, we will keep intact a healthcare system that covers pre-existing conditions. We will finally have serious investigations into the rampant corruption that exists within the Trump administration. Social Security and Medicare won’t be cut. Most importantly, we will finally have a serious check on President Trump’s agenda.

With all of that and more on the line, you should feel the need to vote. But if for some reason all of that still isn’t enough to get you to the polls, I recommend you check out this video created by Eleven Films. It should get you fired up.

It’s time to be the change!