Picking College Football games is a tough business, and no one knows that better than the Trophy Kids.  If this were easy, everyone would do it. That’s why you have the Trophy Kids here to help you ride the rollercoaster season that is picking college football games. We are coming off a 6-1 week and ready as always with the hot picks you need for your Saturday.

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Nate’s Picks: I’m a bigger man than most and will admit I had a rough start this year. Some might say Vegas owned my white Irish ass, but for the last couple weeks, I have been mounting a come back for the ages. Last week I brought you a 4-0 pick em in Trophy Kids picks, and an undefeated record in all the other free college picks I give you through the @trophykidspod twitter account and The Degenerate Report (no big deal).

Record on the season for Trophy Kids is 17-19-1


Syracuse vs. Notre Dame: We have got ourselves a ball game here boys. I love Syracuse, and I have made that no secret, especially this year. About three years ago Syracuse caught my eye as a team to watch out for. Then last year they were my workhouse. I picked them at opportune times, and they always come through in the clutch. This year they have once again been by the team when I need a win.

This week is going to be a tough one though, going up against Notre Dame. I know basically, everyone has been calling this a trap game (defeating the concept of a trap game I might add) but they are absolutely right. Notre Dame is having a great season, no doubt. But this Syracuse team is built to win a game like this. They run a fast offense with a great dual-threat QB in Eric Dungey and that exactly what you need to hurt this Notre Dame defense. Syracuse defense isn’t great but they are aggressive (9th in sacks and 6th in picks) and that exactly what they need to pull out a win.

Dino is going to have his boys ready to run through a wall before the game and put the haters on notice (looking at you Joel Klatt). Plus it definitely doesn’t hurt that Notre Dames informs are an insult to God and Syracuse is going to be looking crisp.

I have to go with my boys.

Pick: Syracuse +10.5


West Virginia vs. Oklahoma State O/U 73: We all know the company line about the Big 12 being no defense, all offense. Which is awesome from all of us that root for overs. The only problem is once the over start getting into the 70’s, I begin to shy away.  This Big 12 game though has all the makings for a big over. Oklahoma State’s defense is trash and pretty much in line with the rest of the conference. West Virginia plays a little better defense, but at this point, that’s like saying they are the least drunk guy at Bachelor party… it’s a shitshow regardless. I expect this game to be close, meaning an air raid kind of game. That is always great for an over.

Pick: Over 73

Boston College vs. Florida State +1.5: This game is going to test the conventional wisdom that you don’t take a team after a deflating primetime beat down. BC last week got smacked, but I think if everyone is honest we all saw that coming. Here is the thing though. BC is playing FSU right after that and FSU stinks. I mean they are terrible, and I don’t see them getting better before this game. BC to me whether it’s right or wrong always seems to have a team full of guys that really don’t care who they are playing or what the optics look like. They just love to play football. They are gritty and disciplined. I think that means something and my theory is going to be tested this weekend.

Pick: BC -1.5

NC State vs. Louisville +16.5: When I initially saw this game it screamed WATCH OUT GAME. I don’t like NC State and any team a coach gets fired in season, I immediately think the replacement is going to get something extra out of the guys. So I was nervous at first. Then my football brain turned on and said “something extra out of Lousiville is just a sign off life. They barely look like a D1 football team most Saturdays.” So I’m taking NC State because they are better in pretty much every category and I can’t see Louisville putting up much of a fight.

Pick: NC State -16.5

Tim’s Pick: Record 21-16

Here are my picks. If you want the reason, you will have to listen to Trophy Kids.

Ohio State vs. Maryland +14: Pick is Maryland +14

Northwestern vs. Minnesota -3: Pick Northwestern +3

Indian vs. Michigan -28: Pick Michigan -18

OVER/UNDER Iows State vs. Texas 49: Pick Over

May the picks be in your favor!

P.s. If you came here for proper grammar and articulate writing, go read a book. This is Pick em season, and ain’t nobody got time for that. Hot Picks Only… but seriously come back next week for more.