The Degenerate Report: Thanksgiving Edition

WARNING: If you came here for proper grammar and articulate writing, go read a book. This is Pick em season, and ain’t nobody got time for that. Hot Picks Only… but seriously come back next week for more.

Picking football games can be tough, and that’s why you turn to the Degenerate Report. This week we have a great line up to work with because Thanksgiving week is one of the best sports weeks of the year. We have all the Thanksgiving day NFL games for you and all the big-time College Games. Because let’s face it, we all have a little degenerate in us and every once in a while we let it out.

Here are your picks for the weekend.

(If you want the audio version of this check out this week’s Trophy Kids)

Thanksgiving Day Games:

Bears Vs. Lions +4 Over/Under 45: When this game was discussed on Trophy Kids, Mitch Trubisky playing was still a possibility. That is no longer looking like the case, so instead, we are going to have us a good old Chase Daniels sighting.

For most that would change things. Not here on the Degenerate report because we still see the big picture. The Bears defense is still filled with a bunch of bad dudes. Which is bad news for the Lions who will be without Kerryon Johnson and Marvin Jones. The Bears offense will still be able to move the ball and the Lions won’t.

Pick: Bears -4 and Under 45 

Washington vs. Dallas -7.5 Over/Under 40.5: The Redskins are absolutely cursed. No doubt about it. Thirty-Three years ago to the day Alex Smith snaps his leg in a very similar way as Joe Theismann did, are you kidding me. It even happened on the same yard line. You can’t make that shit up. It was truly an unfortunate event and one that changed everything.

The Cowboys have been absolutely rolling the last couple of weeks. The offense has looked sharp, and the defense is performing well. The Redskins, on the other hand, are dealing with the emotions of last Sunday still and can’t defend the pass.

Pick: Cowboys -7.5 

Atlanta vs. New Orleans -13 Over/Under 61: This is a simple one. The Saints are good, and the Falcons are banged up.  Not tough at all. The Saints are absolutely the best team in football right now. They are a world-class offense and pretty good defense. The Falcons would be good, but the defense is just to banged up to keep them in a game like this.

Pick: Saints -13


Oklahoma At West Virginia +1 O/U 81: If you love offense you’re going to love this game because defense isn’t really an option here. Oklahoma might have the worst defense ever and while West Virginia is playing better defense compared to the rest of the Big 12. That is like saying they are the least drunk guy at a bachelor party… It’s a shit show regardless. The defense is a real problem though for Oklahoma. It’s the reason I think they will lose. Plus Will Grier is pretty dam good right now. The over is insanely high, and I usually would stay away from it, but with these two teams, 81 seems low.

Pick: West Virginia +1 and Over 81

Washington Vs. Washington State -3 Over/ Under 49: This line is crazy to me. Washington State has been a tank the last couple weeks. The Air Raid offense has been cutting through defenses like butter and extremely entertaining to watch.

Washington, on the other hand, has not been a fun watch. This is not a great Washington team. Defensively they have looked decent but offensively have not looked sharp week to week. I have never bought into the Jake Browning hype and still am not. In my mind, this team is too inconsistent to win a game like this.

Pic: Washington State -3 and Over 49

Michigan Vs. Ohio State +4.5 Over/Under 57: This is the game everyone has been waiting for. The only problem is Ohio State is overrated. Normally that isn’t a problem because when they play Michigan everything gets thrown out the window. Unfortunately for Ohio State, I don’t think this is that kind of year.

Michigan is absolutely nasty. The defense has an edge to it that Ohio State will not be able to match. Plus I’m pretty sure Jim Harbaugh wants to absolutely embarrass Urban Myer to the point that we might need to worry about Myer’s health.

This game is going to get ugly for Ohio State.

Pick: Michigan -4.5 and under 49

Auburn vs. Alabama -24.5 Over/Under 53: I have no idea what the bookmakers see here. This spread should be a thousand points. Alabama is going to steal Auburn’s souls.

Auburn is not good, repeat not good, this year. Abalama, on the other hand, is playing on another planet. I can’t see this being a classic Iron Bowl Game were is close or even a fight.

Pick: Alabama -24.5 and Over 53

LSU vs. Texas A&M -3: This is a pride game through and through. Texas A&M is building something for the future and LSU is all about finishing the season strong. No way Coach O doesn’t get the boy rolling for this one. This will be a classic smash mouth SEC football, and I can’t wait. The Achilles heel here is A&M’s pass defense. It is ranked 1064th in the nation (Yikes). That is the difference maker here folks.

Pick: LSU +3

This is going to be a great week of football and for all you gamblers out there. May the picks be in your favor.

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