The Degenerate Report: NFL WEEK 14

WARNING: If you came here for proper grammar and articulate writing, go read a book. This is Pick em season, and ain’t nobody got time for that. Hot Picks Only… but seriously come back next week for more.

Picking football games can be tough, and that’s why you turn to the Degenerate Report (23-13 record). This week the games aren’t great, but that just means you have to look for the diamonds in the rough.  Because let’s face it, we all have a little degenerate in us and every once in a while we let it out.

Here are your picks for the weekend.

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Falcons Vs. Packers -5 Over/Under 50: Talk about two teams that have wasted talent and great opportunities. It’s basically two has been teams going at it, but I’m all in on it. A dome team being thrown into a cold weather game is always something to watch.

This is Aaron Rodgers prove it game. He got rid of Mike McCarthy, and now it’s time to show up. I think Rodgers has a big game and wins this game by at least a touchdown. Plus it helps that NFL teams are 11-7 ATS since 2010 in their first game after firing their head coach according to Iain Macmillian.

Pick: Packers -5

Giants vs. Redskins +4 Over/Under 41: The Giants have been a completely different team the last couple of weeks. Even with how bad Eli has played they managed to score 30 against an excellent Bears team. Granted they needed overtime to do it and a defensive touchdown but still you get the point. This team has been different lately.

The Redskins had a tone of potential coming into this season but once again have been shredded by injuries. For two years straight Jay Gruden has had to make do with a pretty banged up roster. I just don’t think the Redskins having enough talent to win this one (and that’s just pathetic).

Pick: Giants -4 

Saints vs. Buccaneers +9 Over/Under 55: POINTS, POINTS, POINTS, AND MORE POINTS! When these two teams get together, it usually means points. Week one they combined for 88, and I expect once again for lots of scoring. The Bucs offense is playing well, while the defense isn’t great and the Saints are being the Saints.

This is set up to be a classic Bucs vs. Saints game.

Pick: OVER 55

Broncos vs. 49ers +4.5 Over/Under 45: This one I think is easy, Denver. Their defense has looked rock solid the last couple of weeks and is keeping them in the hunt for a playoff spot. Plus, rookie Phillip Lindsey is thrashing defenses and as each week goes by making a strong case for rookie of the year.

On the other side, you have a fantastic coach in Kyle Shanahan who is trying to win with not a whole lot in the toolbox. Just one example of this is his offense of line. The O-line is allowing the sixth most sacks per game. That not good news given the pass rush the Broncos bring to the table.

Pick: Broncos -4.5

Rams Vs. Bears +3 Over/Under: It’s starting to look a lot like Bear weather. That’s a problem for those warm weather Rams. In the game of the week, I like the Bears. The defense is dangerously good and is on a level that the Rams have not seen this year. The offense and for that matter, the Team is just different when they have their fearless leader Mitch Trubisky in. This is a big-time game for a big-time team.

Pick: Bears +3

Vikings vs. Seattle -3.5 Over/Under 51.5: Talk about a resurgence back to relevancy. The Seahawks are back on their game. They have found a stud running back in Chris Carson which is exactly what Seattle needed. The threat of a strong run game allows Russell Wilson to do Russell Wilson things and that is a thing of beauty.

This is a big primetime home game for Seattle, which means we should get a bad Kirk Cousin. I like Captain Kirk, but by now, we have all learned that Kirk doesn’t play well in tough games. Until he proves otherwise you have to pick against him.

Pick: Seattle -3.5

May the picks be in your favor.

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