The Degenerate​ Report: NFL Week 16 Picks

WARNING: If you came here for proper grammar and articulate writing, go read a book. This is Pick em season, and ain’t nobody got time for that. Hot Picks Only… but seriously come back next week for more.

Picking football games can be tough, and that’s why you turn to the Degenerate Report (31-18 record). Unfortunately, we are coming to the end of the season, so it’s time to really lock in. These next weeks should be a lot of fun because let’s face it, we all have a little degenerate in us, and every once in a while we let it out.

Here are your picks for the weekend.

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REDSKINS vs. TITIANS -10 Over/Under 37: This is the lowest over/under of the week. I think there is value in that. The Redskins stink. They are banged up and the Titans are poised for a big offensive week.  I see this playing out very similar to the Redskins-Giants game. Henry is going to cut through the Skins defense like butter and Mariota will make a couple good plays. Titans might hit the over on their own.


BENGALS vs. BROWNS -9 Over/ Under 44.5: Since 2007 the Browns have never been this heavy of a favorite. This game is huge for them as they look to prove that they are building towards something big in the future. I expect this to play out the same as the first game and for the Bengals to get crushed. They are banged up and don’t have the talent to stay with the Brown (Never thought I would say a team didn’t have enough talent to keep up with the Browns!).

Pick: Browns -9

RAVENS vs. CHARGERS -4.5 Over/Under 43.5: This line is interesting. I don’t know what Vegas knows, but I don’t like that they set it at 4.5. That makes me think Ravens until I remember that Philip Rivers is playing his best football right now and the Chargers are still fighting for the one seed and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

PICK: Chargers -4.5 

BUCCANEERS vs. COWBOYS -7 Over/Under 48: My Bucs don’t have much of a chance in this one but can they cover? I don’t think so. I think the Cowboys have a bad taste in their mouths from that ass whooping they received last week. They will be looking to take out some anger on the Bucs and I don’t like that. Plus the Cowboys are a different team at home and that Defense should have a field day with Jameis.

PICK: Cowboys -7 

BEARS VS 49ERs +4.5 Over/Under 43: This is a big game for the Kings of The North. The Bears have clinched a playoff spot but now they are playing for a first-round bye. That’s big for picking this game. I think Naggy will be aggressive offensively and we all know the Bears Defense is a nightmare to deal with. I expect the Bears to lay waste to San Fransico.

Pick: Bears -4.5 

Watch out Game

Bills vs. Patriots +13.5 Over/ Under 44.5: This is for sure a game to watch out for. Yes I know the Pats at home is pretty much a guarantee but a 13.5 spread is big for a team that is struggling. The Bills have the best pass defense in the league and tenth best run defense. That is bad news for a struggling Pats offense who will now have to deal with the loss of Flash Gordon. Plus the Pats have not had to play against the Bills when Josh Allen has been behind center. He makes this a different type of game. To be clear I don’t expect the Bills to win but I do think this game is low scoring and close.

Pick: Bills +13.5

Should be a great week of football and may the picks be in your favor.

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