Let me start by saying HBO is by far the best at what they do. No other network produces the same type of content at such a high level. They have been and will always be my favorite network. With that said, I am now convinced they like to fuck with us.

Since August 27th, 2017, Game of Thrones fans have been waiting with baited breathe for the release of the final season. HBO does a brilliant job in developing entertainment, and so when they announced that production would take longer, we all understood. We knew that if HBO needed more time to produce the final season of possibly the greatest show ever than it was for a good reason.

Well now that everything has wrapped up, all we want is a trailer. A little taste of what this season has in store for us. Just recently HBO gave us a glimpse at one scene during a trailer they produced highlighting all of the new content they are releasing in 2019 (Hell of a lineup by the way).

Game of Thrones fan went nuts at that first glimpse and then took to Twitter asking for a full-length trailer be released. So what did HBO do?

Well, instead of getting a Game of Thrones trailer they just fucked with us and released a bunch of trailers for old shows.

In their defense though, they did put together a trailer for the greatest miniseries and for that matter the greatest show ever produced, Band of Brothers. (I have seen the entire 10 episode miniseries so many times I can pretty much repeat every line before it happens)


and they also re-released a trailer for The Pacific which isn’t as good as Band of Brothers but its pretty damn close.

So while I appreciate them stirring up memories of phenomenal television and possible hooking those who have never seen either series before (if you like both as much as I do I strongly recommend following them up with Generation Kill… you can thank me later). I need a Game of Thrones Trailer!

So HBO, please stop this madness and just release the Game of Thrones trailer. We will all be very grateful.