The Patriots Hype Train is Rolling


Everyone needs a good hype man in life. A person that can get you to a point where you’re ready to run through a fucking wall. Some are better at it than others, but for the Patriots they have always been their own best hype man.

This will be the Patriot’s ninth Super Bowl appearance in the Tom Brady/ Bill Belichick era. So at this point, they are pretty damn good at getting themselves ready for a big game. But this year they have really outdone themselves.

We start with the Patriot’s own hype video. They released it on Friday and man does it go hard. They even got Meek Mills to be featured on it.

To follow up that work of art, Julian Eldeman decided to go even harder in the paint. He hits us with nostalgic scenes, a great music score and a voice over for the ages. I’m jacked up and have Pats by a million at this point.

O and have I mentioned Tom Brady still hasn’t released his now famous gameday Instagram hype videos. The Hype Train is in full effect!