Game 7 Is Here​

Anyone with a pulse knows Game 7 is all you need to hear to get the heart racing and the adrenaline pumping through the veins. It’s a game where legacies are made, and dreams are crushed.  Add two original six teams into the mix, and you got all the juice you need.

The Bruins vs. Leafs series up to this point has not disappointed. Sure, the Bruins had played some sloppy hockey like in game three when they looked like a team that had gotten into one to many cases of Labatt Blue. But it doesn’t matter now because they have battled through the ups and downs and forced a winner takes all game 7. To say the least, I am jacked up.

So, I didn’t need any more help getting excited for this one, but then @TheSpencerWeeks had to go and do it again! A Spencer Weeks hype video and elimination game go together like a cold beer on a summer day, perfection. There are going to be no walls left in Boston to run through after watching this one. Let’s Go, Bruins!