Bruins Eastern Conference Champions Hype Train

When Bruce Cassidy dropped “I hear people say they go into another team’s building, they want to weather the storm. We want to create the storm,” in his post game 6 interviews I was ready to run through a god damn wall. This Bruins team is the storm heading into the Eastern Conference championship, and I couldn’t be more jacked up.


Now with that being said, I can’t see any reason why we shouldn’t keep the blood flowing with some pre-game hype videos. So without further ado, I bring you a collection of some all-time Bruins Playoff hype videos starting with a video from the man himself Zdeno Chara.

No Boston hype video blog would be complete without a Tucker Boynton production. If you are not following @tucker_TnL, you’re seriously missing out. Here’s a taste.

While these next two are not specific to the Eastern Conference Championship series that is about to kick off, it still gets my blood racing every time. I throw these bad boys on before every playoff hockey game because it just is in our blood.

I saved the best for last. A Boston Hype video blog is not complete without Spencer Weeks production. I mentioned him in a past blog but seriously guys he is a must follow @TheSpencerWeeks. The man knows how to put together a Boston Hype Video.

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