The Degenerate Report: Return Of The Gut Picks

The football gods have dealt me the black hand this season. Every week they have been picking me off. I have lost some battles but the war is not lost because I have a secret weapon… The gut pick. I have yet to go full gut but this week I’m going straight gut. No diving deep into the number, just picks I can feel deep within my gut based on what I have seen.

I am locked in and ready to have some fun because let’s face it, we all have a little degenerate in us, and every once in a while we let it out.

Here are my picks for the weekend.

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Oregon vs Washington +3 O/U 48: this pick is as pure as it gets for me. I’m staying away from the over/under because of potential weather but I’m in love with the spread. I love love love Oregon in this. Oregon is a strong football team this year. It’s a crime they are outside of the top ten with their only loss coming from Auburn.

This is not your typical Oregon team. They have a legit defense this year (3rd in scoring defense) that since the Auburn game hasn’t let an opposing team score in the double digits. Justin Herbert is a stud who even with unfavorable weather conditions should be able to build some operation in the scoreboard. I love this Oregon team!


Ohio State vs Northwestern +27.5 O / U 49.5:

Ohio State for me is the number 2 team in the country right now behind LSU. This is the best Ohio State team I have seen in years. They seem to have unlocked a whole new level of offense and it so pure. The fluidity they play with on offense, as well as defense, has been extremely impressive. The defense has bonafide players all over the place with Chase young leading the way wreak havoc. That’s a problem for Northwestern who can’t score.


Florida vs South Carolina +5 O / U 47: This game makes no sense to me. My brain looks at this and red flares go up all over the place. Something has to be very wrong for this to only be a 5 point spread but that makes it a great pick for the gut. My gut is loving this game. South Carolina is coming off a huge win and ready for a letdown. Their QB is banged up and that’s a huge problem for a pretty subpar team who just played out of their minds football last week.

Florida’s defense is going to be out for blood after getting beat up by LSU. My gut is telling me Florida is about to lay a bet down.

PICK: Florida -5

WVU vs Oklahoma +33.5 O / U 63: this game is a problem for me. On one hand, the WVU team we have known is the pass to play electric offense and piss poor defense is not on the field this year. The defense is still bad but the offense outside of the Texas game has not been great. With that said though it’s still an Oklahoma/WVU game. I could see this game being like a 52 – 21 type of game which is just fine with me.

Pick: OVER 63

It should be a great week of football and may the picks be in your favor.

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49ers vs Redskins +10 O/U 40.5: The Reskinds are committed to running the ball more and that’s a problem when it comes to playing the 49ers. I have seen this 49ers team eat offenses alive and have a determination to stop the run game. You pair that with a 49ers offense that puts up points like they are playing madden and you have a deadly combo.

Pick: 49ers -10

P.s. If your going to gamble make sure to do so responsibly. If you feel like you have a problem or might be developing, a problem, please check out the responsible gambling council website for help.