The Degenerate Report: College Football Week 10

The Degenerate Report is back for another round. It’s didn’t start off great this year, but I have changed course recently. I haven’t been diving deep into the number, just picks that I can feel deep within my gut based on what I have seen, and it’s worked. For the last two weeks, the picks giving out here and on our social media account have gone 10-4. So why mess with a good thing. I’m going straight gut picks again.

I am locked in and ready to have some fun because let’s face it, we all have a little degenerate in us, and every once in a while we let it out.

Here are my picks for the weekend.

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Oregon vs. USC +4.5 O / U 62.5: Oregon and I are on a roller coaster ride this season. They have hit big for me and also lost some bets for me. This is a good football team, though, and I’m on the record saying they will win out to make the playoffs. They play good defense and refuse to get bully balled. The offense is strong, and while they aren’t the electric factor, they have been knowing for in years past, they are solid.

I also like USC And Clay Helton. USC looked like a program finally getting back on track early, but they got banged up, especially at the QB position. That’s lead to another bad year. That being said, a pick must be made and the gut is feeling good.

Pick: Oregon -4.5

Northwestern vs. Indiana -11 O/U 43: Love this pick right here. It was a consideration for lock of the week, but just barley got bumped down. Northwestern absolutely stinks! Their offense makes me want to vomit. They are averaging 10 points a game. How is that even possible in today’s day an age? They can’t score, and Indiana can. It’s that simple

PICK: Indiana -11


Utah vs. Washington +3.5 O/U 48: This line makes no sense to my brain. I don’t understand how Washington is a 3.5 point underdog at home. I have watched this team, and they match up super favorable to Utah.

Utah has been able to bully people up front, but Washington is one of the few teams on their schedule that can put up a fight physically. Washington won’t be pushed around, and they are at home. I very much like Washington here and might even consider a Moneyline play for myself.

Pick: Washington +3.5

Georgia at Florida +6.5 O/U 45.5: This is the game of the week. Two good SEC defenses going head to head. For many, the 6 points is a big number for Georgia to cover. For me I like it. I think this game is close, but Georgia finally opens up on offense by pounding the rock and picking their pots through the air.

Pick: Georgia -6.5


It should be a great week of football, and may the picks be in your favor.

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