The Degenerate Report: College Football Week 13

The Degenerate Report is back after another week going 5-3. That includes picks from the Degenerate Report and bonus Degenerate Report picks on the Trophy Kids twitter account. It’s safe to say I have completed the comeback from an abysmal start to the year and sit at 35-23 for the year. In college alone, I’m 33-19. So why mess with a good thing? I’m looking to build off another winning week and going straight gut picks again this week.

I am locked in and ready to have some fun because let’s face it, we all have a little degenerate in us, and every once in a while we let it out.

Here are my picks for the weekend.

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Penn State vs Ohio State +18.5 O/U 58: This game had a lot more hype a couple weeks ago before Penn State got upset by Minnesota. I honestly believed Penn State had a chance to beat Ohio State. They have played the upset role before and have an athletic defense to put up a fight. The only problem is since the second half of the Michigan game they seem to have stalled out.

Ohio State is playing championship-caliber football right now but this will be by far the best competition they have seen all year. We will get a real look at what this team looks like against some competition.

This game could be winnable for Penn State if that defense can keep Ohio State in the low 20’s range and the offense doesn’t abandon the run game. So for me, I like Penn State to cover.

Pick: Penn State +18.5

Lock Of The Week 👇

Minnesota vs Northwestern +13.5 O/U 39.5: I have been all over Northeastern this year. I have seized them up correctly and I have them sized up again in this one.

Minnesota is still very much in the hunt. Yes, they had a tough loss to Iowa but they still control their path forward. They sit atop the Big 10 west with a chance to still win out. I don’t think they will win the Big 10 but it does mean they should have no problem getting going for this game.

Northwestern stinks and Minnesota is out for a kill game. It’s just that simple.

Pick: Minnesota-13.5

Boston College vs Notre Dame -20 O/U 65: This over/under is real interesting. You have two teams averaging north of 30 points a game and some questions on defense. BC can’t stop a nose bleed at this point so that looks good for the over and Norte Dame should in the Michigan they apparently don’t do any tackling drills anymore. Since then though they have turned a little bit of a corner but BC has an extremely effective running game that has lead BC to be explosive at times. I think we are in for a run over/under Saturday.

Pick: Over 65

Pitt vs Va Tech -3.5 O/U 45.5: I have always been good at identifying teams that have turned a corner for the better and capitalizing on it. VA Tech defiantly turned a corner this year. They started off the season looking like trash and have been playing good football down the stretch. While Pitt is an interesting team this year and will probably play Va Tech tough. I don’t think they can cover.

Pick: Va Tech -3.5

Bonus Pick

Arkansas vs LSU -42.5 O/U 70: I love LSU this year. I have made that clear all season. They have been the best team in the country and I think will be playing in the National Championship game later this year. The problem with this game though is the number is big. 42.5 screams garbage time cover. LSU is going to come out hot and strike first and a lot. Meaning starts will be pulled and that LSU defense is already a little leaky. I think Arkansas gets lit up but can cover.

Pick: Arkansas +42.5

It should be a great week of football and may the picks be in your favor.

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