The Degenerate Report: College Football Rivalry Week

The Degenerate Report is back after going 5-1 last week. That includes picks from the Degenerate Report and bonus Degenerate Report picks on the Trophy Kids twitter account. It’s safe to say I have completed the comeback from an abysmal start to the year and sitting at 40-24 for the year. This week we are changing up things up a little. We have wall to wall football picks and I am picking both NFL and College games.   I’m looking to build off another winning week and going straight back to the gut.

I am locked in and ready to have some fun because let’s face it, we all have a little degenerate in us, and every once in a while we let it out.

Here are my picks for the weekend.

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NFL Thanksgiving Games 

Bears vs Lions +3 O/U 38.5: We start off with an absolutely atrocious game on turkey day. We might honestly not see points in this game. The Bears offense lacks logic and the Lions have the David Blough show coming to a tv near you. There is a chance the bears defense outscores the Bears offense in this game. I foresee a lot of punts and not a lot of advancing past the fifty.

Pick: Under 38.5

Bills vs Cowboys -7 O/U 46: Love this game right here. You have the train wreck that is Jason Garrett going up against a Bills football team hungry for the wild card spot. The Cowboys have yet to beat a team with a winning record and while they have been playing well at home, seven is a big number to cover.

I think while the Bills offense is nothing to gloat about, but the defense is legit. I see this game being a close one.

Pick: Bill +7 

Saints vs Falcons +7 O/U 49: This line has been moving around since it opened. I got it originally at 5.5 but its now at 7. I still think that’s fine. Yes, the Falcons smacked around the Saints earlier in the year. I don’t foresee that happening again this time around. The Falcons are without Hooper and Freeman. Also, Julio is banged up and questionable. When looking at this Falcon team I just don’t see a way they keep this close.

Pick: Saints -7

College Football Rivalry Week 

Va Tech vs UVA +3 O/U 47: We start off with the clash for Virginia. Both these teams have had a very interesting season and basically flip-flopped. UVA started off the year strong and I thought this might be the year UVA beat Tech. Tech started off the year terribly but has turned a corner and coming on strong late. Bud Foster the legendary Tech defensive coordinator is coaching in his last season. I can see the boys wanting to give him something special here.

Picks: Va Tech -3

Iowa vs Nebraska +6 O/U44.5: Nebraska is so bad. I can’t stress that enough. I am not completely writing Scott Foster but he has underdelivered thus far.  Meanwhile, at Iowa they have become the most consistently average good team in college football. They are exactly the same year to year. They play great fundamental football that will keep them in the top 25. They will have that one game a year at home where they play out of their minds and beat someone big, aka Minnesota this year but ultimately never accomplish anything huge. With that said, I am not overthinking this game. Iowa is the far superior team and it will show.

Pick: Iowa -6

Ohio State vs Michigan +9.5 O/U50:  The game of games is finally here. Ohio St vs Michigan always gets the blood running. Michigan has turned a corner since the second half of the Penn State team. They have been looking great but they are about to run into an unmovable force. Ohio St is a unit. Chase Young alone should be enough for you to feel confident in them. The man can not be stopped and he has already eaten alive Wisconsin and Penn States offensive lines and I don’t see Michigans having a chance. You pair that with an incredibly explosive offense I don’t see how Michigan keeps up.

Pick: Ohio St. -9.5 and Ohio St first half -4.5

Alabama vs Auburn +3.5 O/U49.5: The Iron Bowl is always must watch. This line would be so much bigger if Tua was playing obviously but I still think it should be higher. Alabama is the better team, point-blank. Auburn has a great defense of line but Bama should be able to neutralize them most of the game. Bo Nix is struggling and I have zero faith in him here. Mac Jones has come in to play this season before the injury and looks good. How can you not with that Wide Receiving squad? They are about to have a very big game.

Pick: Bama -3.5

Wisconsin vs Minnesota +3 O/U 46:  I can not wait for this game. I might be most excited about this because I think its a great match up and a great pick. Wisconsin is a weird team this year. The defense has been great at the time and terrible at others. The struggle against the run which is unusual for them.  The offense is trash as usual and has to get the run game going in order to do anything. The only problem with that is Minnesota can a good fun defense and their secondary should have no problem eating alive Wisconsin. I see how Minnesota is the underdog in this spot.

Pick: Minnesota +3 

It should be a great week of football and may the picks be in your favor.

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P.s. If your going to gamble make sure to do so responsibly. If you feel like you have a problem or might be developing, a problem, please check out the responsible gambling council website for help.