Top 5 Must Watch On Netflix This Week

As the weekdays blend into the weekend it’s important to find good content to keep you entertained.  My strategy has been to watch movies during the weekdays and binge a tv series on the weekend. Here are my top 5 things to watch this week on Netflix.

1. The Last Kingdom

This show is criminally under-appreciated in my mind. As it enters into its fourth season, I can say that since stumbling across this gems years ago I have not been disappointed in a season. If you loved shows or movies set in the time period of Vikings and old-time England, this is the show for you. It develops characters and storylines excellently. I will warn you though if you are starting it for the first time, the first episode and a half are a little tough to get through. They are slow-moving but necessary to set up the storylines you will follow into the future. Trust me when I say the pay off is well worth it. The Last Kindom is an absolute must-watch! I recommend doing it over the weekend or a time when you can binge it.

2. Django Unchained

This is my favorite Tarantino movie. Django unchained has a killer cast, awesome dialogue, killer soundtrack, and tons of that Tarantino style action that has made him so famous. Everything blends and flows together to make this movie an absolute masterpiece. With it finally being released on Netflix this week it is the perfect time to watch it for the first time or re-watch it for the 10th.

3. Extraction

Some days you just need to turn off your brain and turn on a good old action flick. For that, I strongly recommend Netflix’s newest movie production Extraction. Chris Hemsworth absolutely kills in this movie and director Sam Hargrave deliveries some of the best action shots I have seen since John Wick. This a fun ride to take in these dull times.

4. End Of Watch

The Cop genre has so much content it is often hard to find something that doesn’t make it feel like you have watched this story before. End of Watch though breathes new life into the cop movie universe and gives you an experience you won’t forget. This might seem like a hot take but once you have watched it I think you might agree. End of Watch is the best cop film I have watched to date.

5. Sebastian Maniscalco Stand Up

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 8.31.15 PM

So far my list is pretty heavy drama/action and in times like this, we all are in a need of some good laughs. For that, I turn to my Favorite comic Sebastian Maniscalco. He has three specials on Netflix, Stay hungry (his newest),  Why would You Do That, and What’s Wrong With People. You can’t go wrong with either, hell I would probably watch them all. It doesn’t matter how many times I have rewatched his specials I always end up in tears laughing. Sebastian is pure entertainment and is a must-watch while we are stuck inside.