Top 5 Fight Movies To Stream This Week

With the UFC coming back this weekend, I figured it was as good of a time as any to put together a list of my top 5 favorite fight movies to watch. So in preparation for fight night these are the movies I am watching this week.

  1. Warrior 

Warrior starts off my top five because it’s a phenomenal MMA movie. Sure not the most realistic or accurate towards MMA. That is no reason though you shouldn’t watch it! Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton are fantastic in the lead roles and Nick Nolte turns in his best performance ever. This movie has a great storyline, great fight scenes, fantastic acting, and awesome training montages. What more could you ask for? Warrior should be a must-watch for any fight fan and can be streamed on Hulu.

2. Green Street Hooligans

While Green Street Hooligans isn’t a movie centered around organized fighting it has plenty of fighting going on. This movie brings you into the world of soccer hooliganism and stars Elijah Woods and Charlie Hunnam (pre Sons of Anarchy), who steals the show.  This movie is criminally underrated and underappreciated. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time and trust me when I say you will not be disappointed watching this movie. Green Street Hooligans can’t be found on any streaming platforms but you can watch it for free on youtube.

3. Fight Club

What, did you think I was not going to have Fight Club on this list? This is an all-time great movie. It has phenomenal acting and is an out of this world script. This movie is iconic, we all knew someone who had the poster in their childhood room or dorm room. You can catch Fight Club on HBO.

4. Never Back Down

Never Back Down is one of the only movies I ever bought on Itunes, so you can almost always find me watching it on a flight through my iPod touch (yes, I still have the original iPod touch) or iPhone. If you can rewatch a movie a thousand times and still find it entertaining, that’s a mark of a good movie. You can stream Never Back Down through HBO.

5. Cinderella man 

I am a sucker for true story sports movies and Cinderella Man is no different. This movie delivieres like so many other ture story sports movies. It has a great cast and an extremely powerful story behind it. This movie will take you through all of your emotions and deliver a punch too. If you going to be streaming fight movies this week skip the rocky’s and raging bulls of the world and turn on Cinderella Man. You can find it on Starz or Hulu.

Once your done watching these movies make sure to buy UFC 249 and check out Trophy Kids Podcast where ever you get your podcast to get a preview and breakdown of the top three fights!