The Best Video You Will Watch All Week

If you’re like me falling deep into a hole of youtube videos has become almost a daily ritual. I love youtube. I do not think there has been a greater invention on the internet during this era.

You can find videos purely designed to entertain, to incredibly well thought out educational pieces and everything in-between. Youtube offers you some much good content; it’s easy to just keep clicking on the next video and waste a couple hours.

The other day was one of those days.  I found myself aimlessly clicking away on everything Youtube suggested. Most of it was meaningless entertainment, but then I saw something that caught my eye—a video called The Life Story of Charles Keating, IV. If you know me, I am a sucker for videos that cover the lives of extraordinary people. What followed was one of the most meaningful video experiences I have had on the platform.

At the time I clicked on the video, the name sounded familiar but, I couldn’t place it. The thumbnail was a picture of a bearded man who, by the way he was dressed laying down on a hillside suggested he was military. Based on that image, I knew was going to learn about the life of someone extraordinary, who lost their life in service of his country.

The video your about to watch left me so impressed by the life that had been lived by Charles Keating IV, that it motivated me to not only try to be a better person but to live a fuller life.

I can not do this video the justice it deserves through my words. All I can say is this will be the best 30 minutes you spend this week. Please watch and learn about the life of Charles Keating IV. Then after please check out the C4 Foundation.