Picking football games can be challenging, and that’s why you turn to the Degenerate Report. Last week was a good week for those Degenerates out there. I went 5-1, and on the year, I am 15-9 for picks given out here on the Degenerate Report.

If you are not already, make sure your following Trophy Kids on both Instagram and Twitter. I have been giving out extra picks there, and overall I am 47-22-2 on all football picks this year. 

I got my eyes on lots of football this past weekend and ready to come back and give you a great six-pack of picks for this week. We have some great games to watch and even better games to bet. So we are locked in and ready to have some fun because let’s face it, we all have a little degenerate in us, and every once in a while, we let it out.

Here are my picks for the weekend.

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Oklahoma vs. Texas +2.5 Over/Under 72.5: I am going big game hunting this week. No picking scrub games or finding great deals with 1st quarter and 1st half spreads (Overs/Unders are still in play). For those picks you will have to check out Fridays episode of Trophy Kids. This is the type of weekend that gets my blood flowing. We have a great schedule of games, and I am picking from my top three. The Red River Showdown is always a must watch. While it might not always be the highest quality of football, it is always entertaining.

Oklahoma comes into this game unranked and having lost two in a row. Oklahoma for years has been all gas on offense and no brakes on defense. That has finally caught up to them. It’s okay though for this game because Texas isn’t exactly a defense of juggernaut. They can’t stop a nose bleed this year. These two offenses will put up points, but I like the team with more discipline to make the critical stop a cover this game. Texas is too undisciplined, and I don’t believe they have what it takes to beat Oklahoma.

Pick: Oklahoma -2.5

Florida vs. Texas A&M +7 Over/Under 57: Florida is an electric factor on offense this year. They are putting up big numbers this year. The passing game is seventh in the country right now, averaging 357 yards a game, and a quarterback in Kyle Trask who has thrown ten touchdowns in two games. The Florida secondary can be a bit of a liability though.

Texas A&M has a huge liability in their secondary. I am not a huge Texas A&M fan. I think they are frauds and not nearly as good as they think they are. They can still put up numbers on offense but both teams have weak secondaries, so this game could be close. I am much more comfortable with the points here.

Pick: Over 57

Miami vs. Clemson -14 Over/Under 63: I love this game. This is a prove-it game. If you have been listening to Trophy Kids Podcast (if not what are you doing, subscribe), you know I don’t have good feelings about Miami. I want Miami to be good again. I love it when Miami is good, but I have learned my lessons over the last couple of years. Don’t buy the hype until they prove it. 

I think Miami has a very good defense and an offense with all the weapons you need, so nothing new. As I have said multiple times, the problem with this team is that I don’t think the offensive line can hold up. When they give the flood gates open, and Miami goes down the drains. You saw glimpses of it in the AUB game; when AUB brought pressure through the blitz or four-person front, it worked. Clemson is outstanding on defense. This team can get pressure with or without pressure. I don’t think the Miami offense is ready for the kind of pressure they are about to see.

The Clemson offense is a freight train, and while I think Miami will stop them at times, they won’t be able to hold them off for four quarters.

Pick: Clemson -14

NFL Picks

Chargers vs. Saints -8 Over/Under 50.5: I really like this pick. I said last week, and I stand by it, the Saints are in trouble. I know pretty much everyone who has watched the Saints knows it’s true. The offense doesn’t have that edge like it use too. Drew Brees sees the field correctly, but the arm isn’t there to make the plays. Now that’s not to say he isn’t still a good quarterback, but he isn’t elite anymore. He benefits from the Saints still being a good team that can mask some of that. The offense has still managed to score at least 24 points a game. The Chargers, though, have a solid defense. 

I really like the direction the Chargers club is heading. They are building it right. They have a great D-line and solid overall defense. They made sure to secure good weapons on offense. All of this helps Justin Herbert transition more manageable in the NFL. Justin has looked good too. I think the Saints win here, but its a close one.

Pick: +8 Chargers

Raiders vs. Chiefs -11.5 Over/Under 55.5: I honestly don’t know if this game is even going to be played, but as of right now, they are planning on playing, and I see a play to be made. The Raiders have been a decent football team this year but not good enough to beat the chiefs. The turnover bug landed on the offense last week, and I don’t just see them keeping up with the Chiefs offense, but they will defiantly score on that Chiefs defense. 

We all know the Chiefs are a strike force package on offense. Even if you manage to contain them, it won’t be for all four quarters. The Raider’s defense is letting up an average of 30 points a game, and they have yet to keep a team below 30. This is great for points on the game.

Pick: Over 55.5

Eagles vs. Steelers -7.5 Over/Under 44: Love this game pick. If you have been following the Trophy Kids podcast or me at all, you know I am not a fan of the Eagles. They are a terrible football team right now. Most of that, you can chalk up to injuries, but every team has to overcome injuries, and they are just not clicking right now. The Steelers, on the other hand, are a good football team.

The offense is rolling with Big Ben being back. The defense is bonafide. I expect the Steelers to kill the Eagles here.

Pick: -7.5 Steelers

It should be a great week of football and may the picks be in your favor.

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