Picking football games can be challenging, and that’s why you turn to the Degenerate Report. Last week was a good week for those Degenerates out there. I went 6-0, and on the year, I am 21-9 for picks given out here on the Degenerate Report.

If you are not already, make sure your following Trophy Kids on both Instagram and Twitter. I have been giving out extra picks there, and overall I am 58-33-2 on all football picks this year. 

I got my eyes on lots of football this past weekend and ready to come back and give you a great six-pack of picks for this week. We have some great games to watch and even better games to bet. So we are locked in and ready to have some fun because let’s face it, we all have a little degenerate in us, and every once in a while, we let it out.

Here are my picks for the weekend.

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College Picks

UNC vs. FSU +14 0ver/Under 64: I have been sleeping on UNC all season. I thought they were overrated and shaky at best. I still don’t think they are a great football team and are a tad bit overrated, but they are in a great spot this weekend. UNC can sling it on offense, and that is a nightmare for FSU.

FSU is a lousy football team. Point blank, no questions asked, they stink. The offense is starting to put it together, and you saw that in the ND game. I think Mike Novell will get the program turned around, but it a disaster right now. The defense gets torched weekly. I got UNC early at -10, and it’s since moved to -14, and I still like it.

Pick: UNC -14

BYU vs. Houston +5 Over/Under 63: Those Mormons at BYU have one hell of a team this year. BYU is flying way under people’s radar this season. The offense ranks 2nd in the nation in scoring, averaging 43.8 points a game. If Zach Wilson was on any nation powerhouse, he would be leading the Heisman conversation. The kid has already thrown for 1,241 yards, 8 touchdowns, 1 interception, and is 9th in QBR. 

On the other side, you have Houston. They have only played once this year, so hard to really get a great read on them. They put up 49 on Tulan last week but also gave up 31. This seems about right for a Dana Holgorsen coached team. 

I think the over is a good play here, but I like BYU -5 even more. The defense is more potent, and I expect them to make some critical stops in what will most likely be a shootout. 

Pick: BYU -5

Louisville vs. Notre Dame -17 Over/Under -17: Some have called me the Notre Dame whispers… I think it’s fitting. I have been red hot on Notre Dame this year and will go back to the well this weekend. Notre Dame is looking like a juggernaut on offense. They are averaging 40.3 points a game, 204.3 yard through the air, and 270.7 rushings, perfectly balanced. The defense is also stout, only allowing 13 points a game. This is a damn good football team right now, might even say the best we have seen in a long time from Norte Dame.  

Louisville, on the other hand, is all gas, no breaks. The offense has been potent, but that defense is as functional as a college kid on their 21st birthday, sloppy.

Pick: ND -17

NFL Picks

Chiefs vs. Bills +3.5 Over/Under 57.5: If you love high fly offense, then this is the game for you. Both these teams are coming off bad losses with something to prove and two Qauterbacks who are absolutely slinging it this year. Bills Josh Allen has hit a new level in his development is now ready for the spotlight. Patrick Mahomes, well, we all know what that man can do.

The Bills secondary is as big as a liability in this game as Ryan Gosselin in Remember the Titians. I like the Chiefs -3.5 but love the over more. 

Pick: Over 57.5 

Bears vs. Panthers -1.5 Over/Under 45: I hopped onto the Panthers bandwagon last week, and I am not getting off this week. This is a good football team. You rarely see a team get better after losing their best player and arguably the best offensive weapon in the NFL. The Panthers have managed to do that. Matt Rhule is coaching his ass off, and Joe Brady is running an offense that Teddy Bridgewater fits in like a glove. 

The Bears are not as good as their record suggests. The defense is good, but that offense is a mess. After the Bucs game, I am even more convinced that triple donks from a couple years ago are still living rent-free in Matt Nagy’s head. Even though the Bears got a win, that was more due to the Bucs playing undisciplined football. Matt Nagy’s is making lousy call after lousy call. I like consistency here in this pick.

Pick: Panthers -1.5

Jets vs. Dolphins -9.5 Over/Under 47: The Jets are truly a one of a kind joke. Luckily for Jets fan, I would have to imagine this is the last weekend you will have to deal with Adam Gase. The king of thinking he is the smartest guy in the room and missuses some pretty incredible talent because his “system” is the most important thing above all else.

The Dolphins, on the other hand, have to be pretty damn happy. Brian Flores seems to be one hell of a coach. This team should not be nearly as competitive as they are with the roster they have but damn, are they competitive. I can’t wait to see what he can do with a few more pieces added. Right now, the offense is rolling behind Fitzmagic, who is seeing the field clearly. 

Pick: Dolphins -9.5

It should be a great week of football, and may the picks be in your favor.

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