It had been 18 years since I last saw my Bucs win a postseason game before this year. 18 longs years, but that last sweet victory resulted in the Bucs being Super Bowl champs. Now the day has finally come again, and my Bucs are back in the Super Bowl. Right where they belong, in Tampa in front of that glorious Pirate ship.

For those that follow the Trophy Kids Podcast you are familiar with my fandom story. Those that don’t, let’s just say Tom Brady signing with the Bucs, brought my sports fandom full circle and added a cherry to the top of my why I’m Bucs fan story (will be told on the next podcast again, make sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcast). The moment Brady was signed, I knew this day was coming. Not once this season was worried, and I am still not. I am ready to run through a brick wall for this team, but if you need any additional help getting hyped for this game, don’t worry; I got you covered. Welcome to the Bucs Hype Train!

Let me start you off with some lovely Avenger themed hype videos:

Now that the juices are flowing lets revisit the path taken to get here.

One last time into the fray Bucs. Let’s Go!