Welcome back to another year of the Degenerate Report. We know picking football games can be tough, and that’s why you turn to the Degenerate Report. After three years straight of posting a +60% winning percentage, I am once again giving away my three best NFL and three best College football picks weekly. Let’s face it, we all have a little degenerate in us, and every once in a while, we have to let it out.

Here are your picks for this weekend and make sure to listen to Trophy Kids Podcast to hear additional picks!

Missouri vs. Kentucky -5.5 O/U55.5: When I was going through my early week scan of the board, this game jumped off the page. I have long believed Mark Stoops has been one of the most undervalued coaches in football. What he has been building at Kentucky is incredible. This is a hard-noised football program that has no fear going into games. I think he would be an excellent pick-up for VA Tech if they choose to make a change (a different conversation for a different day).

This Kentucky team seems to have added a passing game that I think will have yet another big day here. I’m a big believer in this Kentucky team this year, and while they aren’t competing for an SEC championship, they are an excellent football team. They will be out for blood this weekend. 

Pick: Kentucky -5.5

Utah vs. BYU +7.5 O/U 49.5: This is a physical, hard-fought rivalry game every year. There is a reason they call it The Holy War. I expect nothing less than a total war this year. 

If you have been listing to Trophy Kid Podcast, you know, I am incredibly high on Utah. I think this team could win the PAC-12 this year. They have a defense that could end up in the top 10 and an offense that finally has a Quarterback that can stretch the field. I love Charlie Brewer and think he is exactly what they need to reach their ceiling.

I watched the BYU vs. Arizona game a was just not impressed with BYU. I think they will hand in this game close but will weather like a flower in a storm.  

Pick: Utah -7.5

Pitt vs. Tennessee +3.5 O/U 56.5: Pitt is coming into this game with basically the same look team as last year. What does that mean? Tough as nails defense, with an offense that can put up a fight. 

The defense last season was one of the best in both rush defense and pass rush defense. They are stout on the d-line and get great production value. This is terrible news for Tennesse because they struggle to protect the quarterback and rely on the run to set up the passing attack.   

I think it is going to be a bad day to be a Volunteer.

Pick: Pitt -3.5 

Cardinals vs. Titans -3 U/O 53.5: I honestly don’t understand how you stop this titans offense. They are Monsters. You have two monsters at wide receivers and Derrick Henry!! The only thing stopping this team’s offense is the OC. 

Then you look at the titan’s defense, and they are about as nice as a morning trip to the bathroom after drunk Taco Bell. All I can see are points, points, points.

Pick: Over 53.5

Broncos vs. Giants +2.5 O/U 41.5: Teddy Covers Bridgwater, please take the stand. Bridgewater is 35-13-1 ATS and is primed for another cover in this one. I am super high on the Broncos this year. They have a top-tier defense and an offense that has just been missing a Quarterback that won’t lose them the game and still make a play here and there. Teddy is perfect in this spot against the Giants. 

Pick: Broncos -2.5

Steelers vs. Bills -6.5 O/U 48.5: The Bills last year made the jump to an elite offense. The addition of Diggs was the perfect add-on to a QB looking to take the top of the defense. Brian Daboll is one of if not the best OC in the NFL. 

On the steeler’ front, this is a team breaking in an entirely new offensive line. A Qb that looks in pain when trying to throw the ball and a fantastic defense but isn’t without its holes. 

Pick: Bills -6.5

It should be a great week of football, and may the picks be in your favor.

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