It is finally one of my favorite weeks of the year, Rivalry week. It’s a slightly sad week because college football is almost over, but damn, do we go out with a bang. The Degenerate Report is here to give out some picks and have some fun

  My record for the year is 30-25-1, which isn’t where we want to be, but we have plenty of time to get there.

I am not going to lie; it has been a rough year for picking games on Trophy Kids Podcast, but I have stayed positive, and I am green here.

 I got my eyes on lots of football this past weekend and am ready to come back and give you a great six-pack of picks for this week. 

Here are my picks for the weekend.

(If you want the audio version of this, check out this week’s Trophy Kids)

College Football:

Ohio St. Vs. Michigan +7.5 O/U64.5: The Game is finally here, but is it that different? Sure, Michigan has a new DC and a new scheme but is it up to snuff to stop an offense waxing people? I don’t think so! sure, the pass defense is improved, but they really haven’t played offenses that are worthy of writing home to, and when they have played teams that aren’t tying their shoelaces together and falling over themselves, they have shown holes. Plus Ohio State’s defense has finally taken it’s Metamucil and firmed up. That’s not to say they don’t have holes, but taking advantage of them would mean wiz-kid Harbaugh would have to recognize a healthy diet of play-action, and not pulling your QB when he is rolling is a smart strategy instead of his typical throwing up on himself style. This seems like a lot to ask from the guy who elected to run the ball 34 times against an MSU secondary that would get smoked by a tortoise. 

Pick: Ohio St -7.5

 Ole Miss vs Miss St -2.5 O/U 64.5: The Egg is truly one of the best games every single year. I love it and I love it even more now because the two coaches are both extremely entertaining and no why we are here. This is going to be a shootout for the ages. Ole Miss is finally healthy on offense, and the defense has shown they have a pulse finally, but it isn’t strong. In a game that is all fireworks, anything can happen, and it is hard not to back the dog. 

Pick: Ole Miss Moneyline

Iowa vs. Nebraska -.5 O/U 41.5: Nebraska is the greatest worst team ever. We talked at length about this on this week’s pod, and I am tired of rooting against them, and I am ready to root for them. Scott Frost and Adrian Martinez should be allowed nowhere near a football in a close score game, but dammit, do I love the rush of them. This week’s card could be setting up for some pain, but I love this team in this spot. 

Pick: Nebraska moneyline


Bucs vs Colts +3 O/U52.5: This game is simple as apple pie….. The offense rules the day. The Bucs offense is humming again with the return of Gronk, and this Colts secondary has blood in the water. The Pirate ship from hell is back, and here come the Bucs. 

Pick: Bucs -3

Steelers vs Bengals -4.5 O/U45: If you have been listing to the Pod (if you haven’t, you need to) you know the Steelers stink with a capital S. I am also not a huge fan of Zach Taylor, but regardless of what I think, this Bengals team got back on the right track last week. I like them to continue rolling and the Steelers to be absolutely dead. I mean, this team tied the lions! Do you know how bad you have to be to tie the lions?!?! 

Pick: Bengals -4.5

Eagles vs Giants +3.5 O/U46: I know I love gambling pain when I am picking this game, but I am fully on board to get hurt again. This is my don’t overthink it game, and I am rolling with one of the most electric players in the league right now… Hurts. you had to see that coming

 Pick: Eagles -3.5

It should be a great week of football, and may the picks be in your favor.

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P.s. If you are going to gamble, make sure to do so responsibly. If you feel like you have a problem or might be developing a problem, please check out the responsible gambling council website for help.