The Degenerate Report: Betting College Football and NFL Week 2

Welcome back to another year of the Degenerate Report. We know picking football games can be tough, and that’s why you turn to the Degenerate Report. After three years straight of posting a +60% winning percentage, we posted our worst season yet last year at 58%. I know heading into this year will be tough but the goal is simple, get back above 60%. Like alway I will be giving away my three best NFL and three best College football picks weekly. Let’s face it, we all have a little degenerate in us, and every once in a while, we have to let it out. So without further ado here are my picks for The Degenerate Report: Betting College Football and NFL Week 2.

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College Football

Miami vs Texas A&M – 5.5 O/U44.5: We talked about this game at length on Trophy Kids Podcast we are going to make it sweet and simple here. Jimbo’s back is against the wall, so he will come out swinging. We know through the long history of Jimbo Fisher that when he has recruits on campus and is backed into a corner, he coaches his best ball.

I expect we will get a QB change, given how bad Haynes King has stunk it up. Miami is untested this year so far, and honestly, I don’t know if they have the offense to put away Texas A&M away late.

Pick: Texas A&M -5.5

BYU vs. Oregon -3.5 O/U 58.5: This game is super interesting because I don’t know what this Oregon team is yet. This will be an excellent Litmus test for them going forward. BYU showed a lot of guts last week in a game against Baylor where I thought they would be overpowered from a physicality standpoint. The question marks around the wide receiver core for BYU are troubling, but I am not ready to fade them yet.

Pick: BYU +3.5

Oklahoma vs. Nebraska +10.5 O/U 64.5: The Scott Frost Era is dead, as it should be! The dude stunk it up for way too long. The more time passes, the more crazy stories I think we are going to get about the extracurricular activities of Scott Frost, and it will all make sense as to why this team has been so bad. For now, though, we have ourselves an interim coach game, and I love it. I firmly believe that the first week of an interim coach is the best. We often see new life breathed into a dead team. We see an increase in effort, and players have so much more energy. Nebraska has the talent; it just hasn’t been used correctly. Give me the dogs here.

Pick: Nebraska +10.5


Colts vs. Jags +3.5 O/U 44.5: The colts are the most average team I think I have ever seen. They personify the concept of a fine team. They do everything well but nothing good enough to separate them from the average. Nothing confirms this more than in week one tying the Texans.

Meanwhile, the Jags have slightly improved under head coach Doug Pederson, and I think week to week will be a competitive team. It would be nice if Trevor could stop making boneheaded throws, but that is what it is. I expect a close game here.

Pick: Jags +4.5

Panthers vs. Giants -2 O/U 43.5: Finally, someone took a shot on Brain Daboll, and it looks to have given the Giants some fight in them. The Giants are a long-term project, and I don’t expect them to be very good throughout the season, but you can clearly see, after week 1, that things are moving in the right direction. I predicted they would run Barkley into the ground this year, and it appears that is the game plan. Meaning this game should be a bit of a downer.

Since I don’t expect a lethal air attack by the Giants, this opens the door for the Panthers to snag a win here. The start of the season was rough for Baker and the Panthers, but you could see towards the end of the game the wheels were starting to turn. With another week under his belt, I expect this offense will move the ball better.

Pick: Panthers +2

Dolphins vs. Ravens -3.5 O/U 44.5: Contrary to popular belief right now, the Dolphins are an offense that looks methodical with their play. Sure they have huge explosive playmakers at their disposal, but Mike McDaniels is a run offense guru. He is willing to take chances, but his style of play, generally speaking, looks to kill you by a million paper cuts. You pair this with a Miami defense that can play a three-safety look to help slow Lamar, and I think we have the makings for a low-scoring fair.

Pick: Under 44.5

It should be a great week of football and may the picks be in your favor.

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