NFL Week 4 Bets

Betting the NFL can be tough but that is why the Trophy Kids are here. On this weeks episode of NFL week 4 bets the guys sit down to breakdown every single game on the NFL schedule this weekend.

We start across the pond with the Vikings vs Saints are getting are Sunday kicked off earlier. This should be interesting as we see if Kirk and the Vikings can step up and deliver another key performance against a banged up and struggling Saints team. Nate has a bet he loves in this game and might even be featured on his best bets of the week card.

From there we dive into what is a load one o’clock spot with some many great games like the Bills vs Ravens before moving onto what is a rough four o’clock spot and on. You are not going to want to miss this Trophy Kids Episode. Make sure you are subscribed wherever you get your podcasts!

Video episode for NFL week 4 bets:

Audio version of NFL week 4 bets: