College Football Week 8 Bets: The Degenerate Report

We are back for the College Football Week 8 bets Degenerate Report. Last week The Degenerate report didn’t have its best week but I am determined to get us back on track. Those long time follower know that we have never had a losing season. I don’t plan on changing that this year. If you are new, welcome! I hope you take a listen to the Trophy Kids Podcast to hear additional picks and breakdowns!

College Football Week 8 Bets:

Texas vs Oklahoma State +5.5: The biggest things with this game are weather and injuries. We are looking at a South wind of 15 to 21 mph, with gusts as high as 31 mph. This spells bad news for the biggest injury in this game. I have been very high on Oklahoma state this year, and they even won us some money last week. The problem is Spencer Sanders is dealing with a throwing injury, and we saw last week that once the meds start to lose their power, so does she. Texas is going to overpower Oklahoma State.

Pick: Texas -5.5

Kansas State vs. TCU -3.5: You are going to roll your eyes at me, but once again, weather plays a role in this one too. The same wind issues the Texas vs. Oklahoma State game are dealing with will affect this one too. TCU has been playing with the hair on fire and has already surpassed their season total in wins. The problem is they are a team that relies on scoring a lot through the air. That will be affected by the wind. Kansas State comes into this one with a decisive running game and Adrain Martinez on his redemption tour. The streak ends here for TCU.

Pick: +3.5 Kansas State

UCLA vs. Oregon -6.5: This was a hard one for me to pick. I pride myself on knowing the Pac-12 better than anyone, and I went back and forth all week on this. We broke it down on the pod and talked it out some more. All I can say is sometimes you have to go with your gut!

Pick: UCLA +6.5

You will have to check back tomorrow for the NFL Pick, which went 3-0 last week. 

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