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All In On Triple Frontier

Netflix explosion into the movie game has come with the good and the bad. They have introduced us to garbage like The Ridiculous 6 and put together masterpieces like Beasts Of No Nation. Now comes what I think is going to be their best movie yet, Triple Frontier. First off they nailed the casting. You have big hitters at the

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Let me start by saying HBO is by far the best at what they do. No other network produces the same type of content at such a high level. They have been and will always be my favorite network. With that said, I am now convinced they like to fuck with us. Since August 27th, 2017, Game of Thrones fans have

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The Mozart Of Movie Trailers

Youtube is a wonderful place and If you’re like me¬†you can easily find yourself wondering down a deep youtube hole. Hoping that you will stumble upon a gem. Well, I have found the next great gem. The CarpenterSound youtube page. CarpenterSound posses the amazing ability to identify patterns within movie trailers that work perfectly with other films. He masterfully slices

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