All In On Triple Frontier

Netflix explosion into the movie game has come with the good and the bad. They have introduced us to garbage like The Ridiculous 6 and put together masterpieces like Beasts Of No Nation. Now comes what I think is going to be their best movie yet, Triple Frontier.

First off they nailed the casting. You have big hitters at the top of the ticket like Ben Affleck and Oscar Issac that jump of the page at you. Behind them, you have a killer three with Pedro Pascal who starred in Narcos, Garrett Hedlund who played Don Billingsley in Friday Night Lights, and a personal favorite Charlie Hunnam star of Sons of Anarchy and the always underrated Green Street Hooligans.

Casting: Nailed it!

Secondly, we have a strong indication that it’s going to be good from the production team that has been put together. Charles Roven is leading it, and you might know some of his work like…¬†The Dark Knight trilogy and Wonder Woman!

Production staff: Nailed it!

Thirdly they came out with an awesome trailer. I myself am a sucker for a good trailer, but I’ll let you judge for yourself.

So with all that I think we are in for a Netflix treat come March.